What you don't get

Of course we do not support primary processes of your business (trade, manufacturing, etc.) in the way specialize software does. THis also goes for CRM, ERP etc.

For most businesses we are more than ‘good enough’. But we also take care of optimum integration without difficult interfaces.

You don’t get:

  • IT issues or IT projects;
  • interface-issues between components or systems;
  • internal infrastucture;
  • moving images, fancy marketing-gimmicks, nice-to-haves;
  • consultancy trajects;
  • long lasting or costly implementations;
  • different user interfaces (everything looks and acts the same);
  • no unforseen cost.

You will have a all-in-one solution that is more than good enough for most business for a per-user fee. If you need extreme resources, you will be charged for the extra cost our provider needs (of course you will be warned up-front).