What you get

For you, your communities and your business(es):

  • all you need for communication;
  • all you need for documentation;
  • all you need for planning and organizing;
  • a safe cloud environment, 24/7 on any device: all your tasks, messages, documents available;
  • exhaustive documentation and support, easy to start and evolge.

If something is missing, we will take care of it!

Use and exploit

  • Contact and relationmanagement
  • Off-line chat and decision support
  • Task management, workflow, calendar
  • Documents, lists, references, links
  • Project management
  • Feedback- and ticket management
  • Messaging, email
  • Service management
  • Questionaires and polls*
  • Tracking and logging
  • Version control where necessary
Useful and handy

  • Exceptions, signals an warnings
  • Notes
  • Relocations
  • Feasible for large companies, small companies, teams and indiviuals
  • Question & Answer
  • Supports and integrates with ManageMyMind (voor individual users).